discover our Feta

We, Greeks, have many reasons to be proud of.

One of them is our feta. A cheese so special and unique that has become famous all over the world.

Feta, a product of Protected Designation of Origin, has been produced, since Homer’s epic times, using the same method, on the land of Greece.

On this land, and specifically on one of its purest parts, the region of Epirus, we produce DODONI feta, using exclusively 100% greek pasteurized goat's and sheep's milk, that arrives every day in our premises even from the most distant farms.

DODONI feta, with its unique taste and nutrition value, has gained worldwide recognition for its high quality. That’s why it has won so many local and international awards, plus a place in tables around the world.

And that is the greatest award of all!


Since 1994, we are producing our feta cheese in molds that bear the company's trademark and name. That way you can easily distinguish the company's ID stamped on the cheese, even when you buy feta cheese in bulk, and be sure that you are enjoying the authentic taste and quality of DODONI.